*RC provided via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review*
Author: Setta Jay
Release Date: July 13th, 2016
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Mythological, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Series: Guardians of the Realms
Sequel to: Divine Ecstasy, #8

As the son of Hades and a Guardian of the Realms, Pothos has been gifted with immense power to protect the inhabitants of the four Realms of Earth. When the evil God Apollo is stolen and the Guardians are forced to wake Hades from his sleeping confinement, P is faced with a long held dangerous secret; that he was born of two worlds. Learning that his mother was a Priestess from the unknown world of Thule, Hades also confesses that P has been kept hidden from all who dwell there as his very life is in danger the moment their Gods learn of his existence. As P struggles to make sense of the life he has lived and what this means for his future he finds himself forcibly pulled into Thule by an unstoppable divine force. Bracing for attack, he instead finds himself faced with a threat of a different sort, a beautiful golden Goddess who calls to the very depths of his soul.

Gefn is a Goddess of Thule, dedicated to the preservation of her world. A world constantly faced with wildly shifting energy left behind in the wake of warring Gods. Haunted after witnessing the brutal murders of her closest friends, her Priestesses, she has lived a life of relative loneliness but for her few remaining siblings and her pair of giant, magical lynx gifted to her at birth. They are Guardians of Thule and her most trusted companions. When they lead her to a hidden garden outside her missing sister’s palace she is shocked to find a winged male who calls to her most primal desires, unleashing her power in a way that sweeps her into a passion she’s never known. His sudden disappearance leads her and her brothers into a tense and deadly standoff in another world.

As both worlds collide will Pothos and Gefn’s unique mating end in his death? Or will the strength of their love help them survive a storm of ecstasy as they uncover more secrets that could save them all?

I wrote a nice review about this novel, pointing out the various manners in which, in my opinion, it was lacking and there my computer goes and decides to throw a tantrum, three-years-old style.
I’m left with nothing, especially the will to repace the path of criticism on this book <.<
But I gotta try!

Let’s start with the story itself.
It’s supposedly mythology-inspired. Heavy enphasis on “inspired”, because in reality it has nilch of Greek/Norse mythology except the mention of some notorious names like Apollo and Hades. I thought it was a bit more Sci-Fi like since it centers on immortal breeding experiments. Maybe, and that’s a big one, it’s because I haven’t caught up with all the previous installments? (question mark)
The author has warned me and every other reader, after all (” I do not recommend starting the series with this title, but we have added a sort of catch-up at the beginning that will help those of you who attempt it”), so maybe she deserves a repreeve…

Next, the romance aspect. We are talking about fated mates, which we all know is a tricky tricky tricky thing. In my experience only a handful of authors have managed to not drive themselves off of a cliff going down this road, pinnacle being represented by Elizabeth Naughton with her Eternal Guardians series.
Fated didn’t work in this case, since I didn’t feel no connection at all between the main characters. It was all circumstantial, based on the pretext that they were fated. The whys and hows are a mystery.
Also, the sex-scenes. Booooriiiiing. Almost fade to black. Would have been better if there hadn’t been any at all, even though the whole story seemed to be more sex-centered than anything. The whole fated thing – “mating frenzy” *scoff scoff* – was an excuse to put sex on the fore-front, and  thus I expected this to be  bit more saucy, which it wasn’t at all.
Overall – again, maybe because I didn’t read the rest of the series – it was all too superficial for me.