We readers can’t help but fall in love with fictional characters. It comes as natural as breathing.

I might be on retainer in real life, but I tend to fall in love A LOT with book characters. And if it’s not straight out love, it’s extreme affection. Thing is, and maybe that’s a tad misogynistic on my part, while I mostly like the male characters, I have an aversion towards the heroines, who the authors try to make come across as strong and independent but in 99% of the cases are portrait as such only until they cross paths with a guy. Then they turn into the princesses in need of rescue, throwing their kickassness over board.
That’s why the Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs came as a huge surprise.
As it so often happens, I stumbled upon it by chance a few years back and was hooked to the point of binge devouring the already published installments in the matter of days, then anxiously waiting for the nexone to come out. Thank goodness Patricia Briggs doesn’t let her fans hanging, even supplementing the Merciverse with The Alpha & Omega series, offering up tid bits through short-stories, and lending her story as a graphic novel! Yay! Totally fangirling here.

Not only is Mercedes so beautiful, curtesy of the covers designed by Daniel Dos Santos which certainly contribute to my humongous girl-crush (they coincide exactly with the picture I have of her in my mind), she’s different, tough as nails, not fearless by any means but humane and emotional, down to earth, and doesn’t give a crap that a guy wants her to stand down and protect her. It’s her who does the protecting.

I am in no manner ashamed of admitting that I have a humongous girl-crush.