There are only a handful of things I’ve managed to do in these past few weeks – blogging hasn’t been high on that list, unfortunately – and, not counting work, sleep, and reading (obviously) those include listening to LP’s Lost On You on repeat and thus almost managing to let both my phone and laptop go up in flames while munching on pumpkin seeds, or repeatedly watching The Legend of Tarzan while alternately drooling over Alexander Skarsgard hotness and munching on aforementioned pumpkin seeds. Which only goes to testify how much I like pumpkin seeds, since it’s a real feat to glue your eyes off off so the miracle that is that eight-pack long enough to peel some seeds. I’m fascinated by his glorious physical shape, but those seeds are hypnotic. I’m glad I don’t have to choose between one and the other.

Anyway, I’ve been checking on LP’s work. Dig it immensly! New fan here, LP!
I have to make a quick and embarassing (maybe) confession, though: LP has such an unique voice that I couldn’t decide if the song was sung by a male or a fema, and when I saw pictures and the video I mistook her for a guy. But just for a moment. That went on for a full day, until it was brought to my attention that her name’s Laura. Then I looked better and, yep, female. The fact that I’m shortsighted isn’t an excuse, because I didn’t glimps her from afar but on my phone. Faux pas, is all I have to say in my defense. Yoiu are a great singer, though, Laura Pergolizzi!