*RC provided via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review*
Author: Emme Cross
Release Date: May 4th, 2016
Genres:  Contemporary Romance

Box Set Content:
Love on St. Barts (St. Barts #1)
Lessons on St. Barts (St. Barts #2)
Back to St. Barts (St. Barts #3)
Baby on St. Barts (St. Barts #4)
Ghosts of St. Barts (St. Barts #5)
Brothers of St. Barts (St. Barts #6)
Shocking Family Secrets of St. Barts (St. Barts, #7)
 Lost (St. Barts, #8)

Sexy Swede Sven Larson can sleep with any woman he wants. He has the money, looks, and power, as one of the world’s top stars. And he doesn’t care if he breaks a few hearts along the way. There will always be another willing young starlet for him to seduce.

Shooting a film on the idyllic and exclusive tropical island of St. Barts, Sven meets the enticingly innocent Sunny O’Hara. She’s returned to her childhood home and is beginning to find her feet again after a tragic loss. But she’s too sweet and innocent for her own good, and needs to do a lot of growing up fast.

Sven first encounters Sunny in a restaurant where she is helping out. And for once she’s a pretty girl who doesn’t want to sleep with him just because he’s hot and famous. She doesn’t even know who he is. But Sunny’s not immune to his sex appeal, she’s never met anyone who makes her body feel so electric. Their first kiss is momentous and leads to more . . . a journey of emotional and physical discovery marked by incredible challenges.

This series takes you on an exciting, dramatic, sexy, emotional journey through jealous lovers, murderous stalkers, natural disasters, tragedy and joy.

Will Sunny ever tame bad boy Sven, or will the world of fame and money she’s thrust into tear them apart?

Seduced by a Bad Boy Millionaire Movie Star.
Let’s analyze this packed book title.
1- Seduced. Hmmm, I don’t think so. There was zero to nilch seduction going on in here, especially not by a bad boy millionaire movie star. No seduction, just an oral pact between a very pragmatic girl who wants to learn about sex and virtually the first guy that crosses her path, who happens to be a movie star in the “sexiest man alive” league and on the look out for “something more”.  You can guess where this is all going…
2- Bad Boy. Sven Larson is anything but a bad boy. At least he isn’t in the story I got to read. He may have been before, but that’s all hear-say. The way he’s with Sunny from moment one? More gentlemanlike than bad boy behaviour. If there’s some bad-boy-ness going on it’s off page, so to speak.
He’s a douche, ‘s all.
3- Millionaire. I haven’t seen a print out of his bank account, but it’s stated more than once that, like all Hollywoodians, it’s all sparkle and appearences. But we will grant him the millionaire status. He’s a fictional character after all and doesn’t have to pay taxes, let him have that.
4- Movie Star. He acts in movies and has paparazzi following him around. All right on that front.

Now, let’s discuss some issues I had with this boxed set.
1- The statement “sexy Swede Sven Larson”.
Okay, Sven’s mom is from Sweden, but his father is Norwegian. Sven has always lived in Norway before moving to L.A.. He speaks Norwegian. Oslo is mentioned throughout the story, while there’s no mention of Sweden.
The statement is misleading, and if you think there’s no difference between Norway and Sweden let me tell you how WRONG you are. It might not be an overly huge deal, but it’s misleading and it matters.
It’s very disappointing when there’s stuff wrong, starting with the blurb.
2-  Sunny.
This girl goes beyond innocence and naivitè, and yet there’s a level of pragmatism going on in here that is so at odds with her childishness that it’s fastidiously… unrealistic. She’s initially described to be shy but then she goes around hugging random people because she hadn’t anyone to hug before. She wants a romance – like any other girl in the world – but decides that it’s best to first find a lover in order to please her future guy. I don’t know what’s going on with this girl and her werid-ass reasoning.
3- The supposedly-hot scenes.
Let’s schedule our classes for Wednesday-kissing and Sunday morning petting and the afternoons oral sex.
Your turn.
My turn.
Let’s make an appointment for Graduation Day. We’ll first have lunch, then sex after digestion, so… 5 pm okay for you?
People, I don’t know how you do things but I do not have sex on a scheduled basis!
4-  Sven’s friend whose name I don’t even remember.
That guy’s, simply put, a tag-along. A leech who lives off of Sven’s back. He lives with Sven. He takes Sven’s sloppy seconds.
He might be in love with Sven, is my theory. But I will never know since I only got so far in reading Seduced by a Bad Boy Millionaire Movie Star before I threw the towel.

I requested this on Netgalley because of the blurb, but I was 1) misled and 2) disappointed, which will lead to me being waaaaay more picky on requesting stuff and accepting to review because I really do not want to give bad rep and throw shade on books.