Every year, we went to the orchard and she asked me to find the biggest, scariest, most out of place pumpkin to buy. I asked her why. She told me because it was the unique ones that made the sweetest pie.
Every year, we went to pick out our Christmas tree, she told me to pick out the saddest, most damaged and loneliest tree to buy. I asked her why. She told me that all trees started out the same. They were each a seed that took root, depending on who cared for them. Some grew to be huge trees that held more ornaments than we would ever have, then were those that hardly grew at all because they were forgotten. It was those trees that needed love. We always picked that tree, we always made it beautiful, and we loved that tree all season. She was right, she was always right. Since I was a kid, I’ve always looked for the pumpkin and the tree in the crowd, and it only took twenty seven years for me to find mine.

Author: K.S. Adkins
Release Date: January 2014
Genres: Dark New Adult
Series: Detroit After Dark, #1
Followed by: Brawler

My name is Venessa Cross.
I’m a Detroit DJ with issues. I know it, my friends know it, and even the enemy knows it.
The problem is, now the Detroit Police Department knows it, too.
I was wrong to think my nighttime activities would go unnoticed. Eventually I wound up on his radar.
He lives for the law, I exist outside of it. I expected the rules to change, but I didn’t expect that one simple handshake would also change… everything else.
When he’s assigned to protect me, he gets a back stage pass to my world.
Now I make him question the very oath he stands for, and I hate myself for it.
I’m convinced I’ll ruin him.
Yet, he wants to save me.

If you thought the streets of Detroit were brutal, you haven’t seen me in action.
Follow me and watch me do what the police can’t: deliver punishment.

My name is Venessa Cross.
I am justice

I might be an isolated case here (or not), but I didn’t really enjoy this book. The story was promising, some bits were poetry (like the above quote – real, real good), but to me the purpose of it all seemed to be sex, and not even the good kind. To me there was no real story, aside from Venessa’s backgroung history (which was heartbreaking, and maybe – maybe! – justified the girl’s badassness/craziness).

2-stars just for the mushiness of this one sentence thrown into the text on repeated random modus (in my opinion): You and me, we are forever.
Come on! After a few hours together? I mean, I might not get this instant fatal attraction because I’ve never experienced anything like it myself, but even to the most romantic of people this has to sound unrealistic! It was just so fast.

All of it.
It’s like logic has been given a huge go f**k yourself!

I mean, how is it that:
1) a tiny woman overpowers all those huge-ass men (martial-arts? no, magic!);
2) she has not been caught sooner? she’s sloppy, her victims (the ones that don’t die, obviously) should have been able to identify her (screw the special sauce or whatever she’s using to incapacitate them), someone should have seen, she acts in the open, where everyone can see; we live in the age of science, an age in which you cannot stick a finger in your nose without everybody knowing; I might have seen too much CSI: Miami where Oratio Kane single-handedly catches the bad guy in a matter of 45 minutes, but this PD should have at least had some clue, there should have been some evidence pointing to Venessa sooner!
3) the police did not arrest her? there’s no excuse, she killed people, she should be put away, no matter if you know her since forever and were partners with her father, Cap!
4) this poor soul did not get counseling? she’s an abuse victim, she saw her family being slaughtered, for f**ks sake!
5) someone with trust issues (and so much many more issues) throws overmentioned issues over board as soon as she get the stary eyes from/for a dude?

What I did like (because I always find something, even if it’s something very very little, to like), though, was the fact that the “hero”, Rogan, wasn’t the usual swoon-worthy, freaking good-looking guy with an army of ladies at his heels. Though I do not understand what’s to be considered ugly in a bald and beared (beared?) – bearded, I mean: he has a beard – man. It’s still a man, ladies, with or without hair – they do not like to be judged just by their looks either! I mean, yes, the eye needs a bit of candy, too, but long term (especially considering that beauty fades, a six pack may turn into a beer-jelly-belly, and eventually all the hair might fall off anyway), that’s not what we should focus on, ladies.
Rogan is a real, sweet guy anyway (aside from his instant obsession with the girl and his laissez-faire attitude towards her agression/murders – that’s not okay!).

I am all for a badass lead character, especially female ones, but Venessa did not do it for me. Because I did not consider her badass, just plain crazy.

However, I do not relent!, I will be reading Brawler & Berserk – what do you kno, I might enjoy them more.