*RC provided via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review*
Author: Toni House
Release Date: September 30th, 2015
Genres:  Mystery, Horror
Series: The Tala Chronicles, #1

“YOU WILL DIE WHEN I CHOOSE FOR YOU TO DIE” – For the first time in publication… An obscure and authentic bone-chilling Native American ghost story recalled by a 70-year old native of South Alabama.

A young couple in love found their dream house on the Alabama River at a price that was perhaps too good to be true. Song of the Red Wolf is a spine-tingling paranormal thriller, enhanced by the knowledge that the Franks’ haunted house was reported to have been repeatedly visited by a Native American chief with an agenda of bloody revenge against anybody not of American Indian descent.

Say what you want, but first impressions do have a heavy impact and in bookish-circles that means starting off by judging a book by its cover. Whether first impressions stick or are misleading is a whole other cup of tea, but the eyes want their part.
The illustration to Song of the Red Wolf is artsy and definitely hit the right nerves with its red-toned notes – I have a thing for red… you know, Taurus here 😉 – providing a chilling mood cemented in its content.

Toni House gets right to the point by opening her Native American ghost story (in my opinion the best kind of ghost stories) with a flashback of the deaths of both the brave Red Wolf and his chief, who is determined to get his revenge over all those who have harmed/oppressed his people – meaning anybody not of American Indian descent – giving a solid backstory to the hauntings of the Franks’ residence.

Written in a simple way and featuring the basic villain-hero conundrum that characterizes both fairytales and legends, Song of the Red Wolf would make for a particularly good reading experience for younger readers.

I am intrigued by the epilogue and will be looking forward to read more about The Tala Chronicles.