15703297.jpgV is for Virgin
(V is for Virgin, #1)
by Kelly Oram

Genre: Young Adult

Honestly? I did not expect to like it that much!
An original, much needed take on, really. I mean, nowadays we talk a lot about sex but don’t really are capable (or we just don’t care) about differentiating the pure physical act and the deeper meaning it can have in the right circumstances.

To today’s teenagers sex seems to be something you do for the sake of doing it, something “in” you have to discuss with your friends. Sex is fun, yeah, but it can be more than that: it can be something truly beautiful if you share it with someone you feel deeply connected with on an emotional level.

Verdict: Cutest!

Viking Fire

(Twilight of the Gods #1)
by Crystal Jordan

Genres:  Paranormal Romance

Ladies and gentlemen, I have yet another book-boyfriend to add to my already considerable packed book-boyfriend harem: his name’s Ivar, minor character of Viking Fire and first-class droolworthy man-meat.
Ivar-love, that’s what got me hooked

Inspired by Old Norse myths, leaning heavily on the inevitable apocalyptic Ragnarök, this first installment revolves around Bryn aka Brynhilde and Erik-better-known-to-the-world-as-Sigfried’s millenial hate-love story.
Yes, you’ve read it right: Brynhilde and Sigfried the star-crossed lovers of the Nibelungenlied. As Norse Mythology buff and Paranormal Romance lover, I possibly couln’d have asked for something more juicy!

Verdict: I’m dying for the next installment.

Dark Places5886881

by Gillian Flynn

Genres: Thriller, Mystery

Gillian Flynn has a knack for dark and twisted thrillers.
Flowing writing, basic plots with unconventional and surprising twists, characters you can and at the same time cannot understand and feel empathic with.
One word to sum my Flynn-experience up: complex.

I am a harsh judge when it comes to thrillers, and as a thumb rule I tend to not review this genre beyond the ratings and the occasional “‘t was good”, “‘t was okay”, “naaaah!” because I feel like a spoilsport all the time.
With this author and this books, though? I’m really baffled, like All.The.Time! I mean, a thriller basically is always about the unexpected, the devious high-speeding of your heartbeat either out of fear or excitement because you think you might know what’s going on… Gillian Flynn ups it, twists yoir way of thinking, keeps you glued to every word of her story.

Verdict: I’m a fan!