*RC provided via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review*
Author: Nicola R. White
Release Date: November 1st, 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Series: New Englad Furies,#2
Sequel to: Fury’s Kiss
Followed by: Dark Fury

Tattoos? Check.
Stripper heels? Check.
Ancient Greek Fury living in her head? Check.

Born on the wrong side of the tracks, Alex Hughes has always known what people think of her—and working as an exotic dancer hasn’t exactly helped her image. But since bonding with a Greek goddess of vengeance six months ago, Alex has had bigger problems. Like dealing with the Spartans, the outlaw biker gang with supernatural connections terrorizing Boston.

And then there’s Tyler Kelly…

Tall, dark, and sexy, the ex-Navy SEAL is a deadly fighter and a potential lover. But Alex is more comfortable kicking ass than facing her feelings, and none of the men or women she’s dated in the past have made her feel the way Ty does. As if her life wasn’t complicated enough, she discovers there’s no wound like a bruised ego when she takes on the goddess behind the Spartans’ reign of terror—and loses. Alex’s faith in herself is shaken as enemies turn out to be allies and friends offer betrayal. But as the saying goes…

Hell has no Fury like a woman scorned.

NOTE: I read Fury Scorned right after having finished Awakened of the Eternal Guardian series by Elizabeth Naughton, which is one of my favourite mythological inspired Paranormal Romance series. I don’t mean to say that this tarnished my enjoyment of Nicola R. White, but I was chasing a high that is difficult to keep up with…

As a geek for all things Greek Mythology related, I am naturally wired to pounce on everything that has to do with it.
I simply love reading different take ons of myths and legends and I really like the concept of the Furies being entities that merge/symbioticly inhabit mortals, becoming a presence in the mind of their hosts, yet not robbing them of their free-will.

Plot complexity and vast variety of characters introduced, a mandatory trip to the Underworld and humor are what pulled me in and kept my attention, even though I disliked Alex. She gave me some major whiplash! She’s the outspoken, direct one among the three that make up the Fury Gang, she’s a stripper who’s not afraid to take what she want, yet she’s needy as hell, insecure and self-conscious. I couldn’t understand if that’s just the way she was meant to be depicted or if the author couldn’t make up her mind about how Alex was supposed to be.