*ARC provided by the author in exchange of an honest review*
Author: London Casey
Release Date: June 14th, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Series: Knight Brothers Trilogy, #1

They hired her to keep me out of jail. Now she’s carrying my baby…

Roman Knight. You know the name. You know the reputation… on and off the field. There’s not a pass I can’t complete or a woman I can’t charm. I’m the highest paid quarterback in the league. But I’m one bar fight away from jail. Now my people have hired some lawyer to try to control me. Yeah, right. I know she’s going to last about as long as all my other lawyers.

Right up until I meet her.

As soon as I lay eyes on Willow, I know I have to have her… in my bed and in my life. I always get what I want, and this time, I end up with a little more than planned. Willow is pregnant… and if that’s not shocking enough, a late night incident results in a murder charge being thrown my way. I’m left with a choice – rat on an old friend or go to jail.

If I want a real life, and a family… I’m going to have to fight for it.

No spoiler when I tell you that the female lead eventually gets pregnant with the male lead’s love child, since the title of the book explicitly tells us about this, even though I really think that’s something that shouldn’t have been advertised in the blurb since it’s something that  doesn’t happen until very late into the book and represents, surprise surpirse!, a turning point in Roman’s behaviour.
All in all I think that the whole blurb gives away too much of the plot. There isn’t really any surprise in it, it’s pretty much all mapped up.
So,  personally I would change the title and left the being pregnant and the murder-charge parts out in the synopsis in order to make it more appealing and intriguing to the reader, because in itself the plot works pretty well, aside from the rushed ending that practically skipped the juciest part of the story.
But that’s just my drama-loving opinion.

One thing I appreciated is the fact that in this sport romance starring a quarterback there’s actually some football playing… or at least some training. I’ve read some novels with a football player in the main lead where there was a ton of smushy-mushy romance and not a line about football. Not that I’d want a whole game described, because I’m everything but a sports fan (if I watch a game of any kind it’s to watch the guys – sue me for wanting to look at pretty things!), but when it’s captioned “sports romance” I’d like it to be pertined and have at least a couple of pages of sport stuff thrown in it. What you promise has to be delivered…

Another thing I like are strong female lead-characters.
Willow was depicted as such in the initial chapters when she hadn’t yet met Roman, but that went down the drain as soon as she did a Google search on him and browsed through shirtless pictures of him. Not that she backtracked into being a doormat, but she didn’t really come across as a tough, balls-to.the-wall lawyer who could hold her ground with an intense, cocky, arrogant, yet somehow lovable SoB, let alone in court. No wonder she lost that big case…
But I get that love turns you into somewhat of a wuss (that word being used kindly) and that there are times in life when you have to put pride aside and put yourself out there. Something Roman should take an example of, because that guy is one stubborn asshat with serious anger issues . I hate the “you deserve better”-line and he definitely is a pro at throwing that shit around, but in the rushed ending (I keep pointing that out because that’s something that seriously bothers me in a good story) he goes through an admirable character growth.

Also, that cover?
More rockstar than quarterback.
That dudes reminds me of Jonathan Rhy-Meyers (you know, Henry VIII from The Tudors), which isn’t a bad thing at all since I’ve got the hots for him since I first saw August Rush.

I’m looking forward to read the rest of the trilogy, though. Those Knight Brothers are definitely intriguing characters that I’d like to see come unraveled and turned into putty in the hands of some badass ladies.