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sticker20-20ng20member20-prof20reader“You must be Tina Russell,” he finally spoke. His deep voice and his step towards her filled her with renewed fear. “Welcome to Atlantis.”
Author: Lisa Barton
Release Date: April 15th, 2016
Genres: Fantasy, Mythological

Tina Russell is a lonely soul searching for meaning of her existence. As she wanders Atlantis, the former place of opportunity, she notices the land is different to how it used to be, leaving Tina determined to change this…

Jealously, blackmail, magic and mayhem are suddenly everywhere in Atlantis as Tina realises the mythical kingdom will never be the same again. Will Tina ever be able to use her powers and rebuild the Atlantis she once loved? Will she ever be proud again to be known as the daughter of this mythical place?

Cross my heart: I tried!
I tried but I should’ve known when I started reading Ocean’s Daughter and was contemplating back-paddling at chapter 2, mainly because it was weird and confusing and I could not wrap my head around what was happening.

This is NOT for me.

I’m not sure, and I certainly don’t want to throw stones, but I think there’s rape by mermaid going on?! O.o
That’s so not what I was expecting.
I’m so not on board with that.

Also, I am majorly confused by the blurb – which was interesting and what adrew me in – since Tina Russell wanders into Atlantis after a planecrash into the ocean at age 16 and she did not know she hailed from there,  which she accepts unflinchingly right away.
0 surprise, 0 shock, 0 excitement, 0 emotions, like she’s a mermaid psychopath.
So how can she “rebuild the Atlantis she once loved”?
You know what’s weird for me? Not wanting to know!
I do not want to know how this is going to unravel, I just know that Ocean’s Daughter failed to hold my attention after a lousy handful of chapters and that it’s going straight to DNF-land, because I have a ton of books I actually WANT TO READ.