Sometimes “I like” and “I don’t like” suffice.

Short and (relatively) concise reviews. I aim for under 100 words, but I do tend to ramble.

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Russian Tattoos: Obsession by Kat Shehata

Genres: Dark New Adult

I snorted a lot and I laughed even more at some lines, not because they were funny but because they were lame and cliched, more suited for vocabulary of a fourteen-years-old writing Twilight fanfiction.

Story wasn’t all that much, writing could certainly have been better, the actions of the female main character weren’t justifiable at all, the whole love-thing came as a surprise in the sense that the author did set it up poorly.
I could’ve pasted and copied the characterization of the Never Sweeter female lead: same thing.

Verdict: I did not like it, but I want to know how it continues.

Apparently I am a masochist.

25665016The Memory of Light
 by Francisco X. Stork

Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary

“You hardly see me in the sun,
My sparkle’s in the stars.
When all is dark around you,
I’m the memory of light.”

The Memory of Light is an empathetic exploration of mental illness, tackling a complicated issue in a simple and insightful way, and with a minimalistic yet complex plot that revolves not only on the inner workings of a depressed and suicidal girl who finds reason to live, but also on the impact others can have on us.
There isn’t much I could say that would do this book justice.
Just know that it spoke to me.

Verdict: I liked it very much.

Read the “review” by the author himself here on Goodreads.

24817626Go Set A Watchman 
by Harper Lee

Some people actually enjoyed it.
I am most definitely not one of them!
This was the most unnecessary sequel-prequel- whatever-it-was  to have ever seen the light of publishing. I am really angry on how Harper Lee’s reputation has been mudded by this poor attempt of money gaining.
How To Kill A Mockingbird was amazing and I really feel like this crap will impede readers to pick up a milestone of American Literature.
It was racist, there was no plot-line whatsoever, it was borderline stupid, it was plainly horrible.

Verdict: I disliked it.