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Roma are like the stars…
A star cannot shine alone, you see.
It would blink out and go cold.

Author: Heather Anastasiu
Release Date: September 20th, 2015
Genres: Historical Fiction, Romance
Duet: Tsura
Followed by: House of Stone

In WWII Romania, Tsura, a young Roma (gypsy) woman, has no choice but to leave her lover, Andrei, behind and marry the grandson of the man whose basement she and Andrei have been hiding in.

Finding a favorite book is like falling in love: it happens suddenly, when you least expect it, and it makes you the happiest you’ve ever felt.

While I’ve never actually fallen in love with a real life person, I’ve done so plenty of times with fictional characters (even cartoons) and books, so I know what I’m doing when I’m offering my heart to Tsura, the latest example of my fervent booklove capabilities.

I loved it so much I can scarcely find the words to express my feelings, much like when you experience your first crush and try to confess, preparing a profound and emotionl speech to deliver to your beau but everything that comes out of your mouth on delivering is stuttering and gibberish. I can, as obviously proven, speak of everything else, but I cannot form sensed and sensible sentences, don’t expect anything profound from me today!

I think I will rely on a few exclamations such as wow! and amazing! and beautiful! and loved it! that, hopefully, will justify in a rather minimalistic and uncomplete manner my 5 star rating – even though a 5 star rating speaks for itself, so…

Simply unputdownable!
A beautiful and emotional story that yet again demonstrates that love is never what or who you expect.

Now I’m off purchasing a material copy of Tsura, because that is what I do when I love a book: buy them, because I have to shelve them and look at them with fervor and longing.





26130572Tsura is shattered. The last year taught her two things. First, life is a process of losing. Second, the only way to survive it is to turn whatever’s left of her heart into stone.

But survive she will. She promised her brother Luca. Her husband Mihai also made promises to her brother. To protect her, or so he says. But he’s still holding on to secrets. Tsura doesn’t want to care. But keeping her vow to stay away from him is more difficult than she thought, especially with the memory of the passion-and-grief-filled night they spent together lodged so firmly in her head.

Meanwhile, Russia and Germany threaten to play out the last battles of the war with Romania as the stage. Bombs rip apart cities, revolutions split the nation, friends become enemies and old enemies become new threats. When the Communist banner is raised over Romania, neither Tsura nor Mihai is safe. If they escape with their lives, though, can they get past the pain they’ve lived through to once and for all be man and wife? Or will circumstances separate them forever?

The second and final installment of Tsura was published on in 2015.

God bless self-publishing authors! Who knows how many wonderful stories like this the world would miss otherwise?!