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sticker20-20ng20member20-prof20readercover85745-mediumadd-to-goodreads-button3Author: Ari Magnusson
Illustrator: Greg Marathas
Release Date: May 17th, 2016
Genres: Non-Fiction, Comics & Graphic

This comic-style guide teaches students in grades 3-6 how to prevent and stop bullying on their own or with adult help. Ostensibly written by the two title characters, the guide covers bullying basics, ways to get bullying to stop (for both targets and bystanders), what to do if you are being bullied, and how to get an adult to help the right way. The two title characters explain and demonstrate the concepts, providing students with easy-to-follow examples they can apply to their own bullying problems. The guide also contains a special section for students in grades K-2, designed to be read with an adult, which covers friendship basics and prepares students for the aggression they will face in the upper grades. The guide is designed to appeal to boys and girls and covers both dominance and relational aggression. Note: interior illustrations are in black and white.

An empowering comic book focuses on how to prevent and deal with bullying… Appealing, concrete, and easy-to-follow suggestions for kids–and adults–in dealing with challenging relationships.
– Kirkus Reviews –

NOTE: this title is a core component of the CirclePoint Bullying Prevention Program, a new program that is currently in pilot in the Boston Public School District in Massachusetts, United States.

This is something that everybody should AT LEAST take a look at. Because bullying can happen anywhere and to anyone. To me and to you, to my cousin, to your brother, to my grandma or your dad. Little or big, young or old, bullying is a sad and cruel, infuriating problem that affects everyone, whether you are a victim, a by-stander, or a bully.

The first step to prevent bullying is exactly what What YOU Can Do About Bullying succeeds in doing: inform.
In a simple yet exhaustive manner that targets mainly children but also instructs adults on how to respond, this “guide” explains what bullying is and what it entails, why bullies bully, the different kinds of bullying, and what you can do to
1) never become a bully yourself;
2) accept anyone the way they are;
3) stand up for yourself AND others to potential bullies by bullyproofing yourself.

You can get the bullying to stop.
It might be the hardest thing you ever do, but you can do it.