It happens all the time.
I hear a song, or in this case a few, and I play it on repeat, hum it in the shower, sing the chorus in my screechy, unmelodic voice, until I am positively sick of it.

This week there have been only four songs on my playlist.
Yeah, unbelievable!
(Today there’s something seriously wong with my grammar: I had to google the right spelling for both unbelievable and seriously…)
With virtually every song there’s ever been on Spotify I couldn’t bring myself to listen to anything but this four songs:

1. Est-ce que tu m’aimes? – Maitre Gims
I am anything but fluent in French but I love the flow of the language and I have at least a basic understanding of it so that I could appreciate the meaning of the text and sing along like a pro with the grace of a drowning cat.

2. Waiting for Love – Avicii
I love the fact that Avicii is Swedish and that I virtually don’t know anything else about him, yet listen to his music like a junkie. I rest my case that music is to be appreciated for itself and not because the singer is hot/famous/has sold a billion whatevers.
Unless it’s Led Zeppelin. Then I fangirl like mad becase Robert Plant is still hot, famous, and sold his grandmother on top of all the disks.
Now I wanna fall in love.

3. 7 Years – Lukas Graham
Most beautiful song EVER!
I cried the first time and I cried every time after that.
As a matter of fact, I am listening to it right now and I am leaking like the Fountain of Trevi.

4. Prisoner – The Weeknd
As a fan of both The Weeknd and Lana del Rey it was a given that I’d enjoy this song, but I didn’t expect it to degenerate to the point that I would go to sleep it playing in my earplugs and be startled awake by my bladder with him still pitching that acute.
I’ll try to detox myself from it Sunday.